Tren Crucero : FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the rate?

A journey on Tren Crucero includes:

  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Accommodation
  • Excursions 
  • Land transportation

Off train beverages and snacks are not included. Alcoholic beverages (Tren Crucero serves wine, beer and whiskey) are extra on and off the train.

What type of accommodation is available?

Nights are spent in countryside hotels and haciendas. Suites are available at certain hotels for an additional cost.

Does Tren Crucero cater to various dietary requirements?

Yes, Tren Crucero can cater to the needs of vegetarians, vegans, diabetics and other's dietary requirements. Tren Crucero regrets they are not able to provide kosher meals. 

What currency is accepted on-board?

Only United States Dollars are accepted on-board, along with all major credit cards.

What is the climate and altitude?

Ecuador has a dry season from July until mid-October and a wet season for the remainder of the year. The Altitude ranges from 80 metres to 3,610 metres above sea level. The temperature ranges from 6°C to 35°C.

Can guests with special needs travel on Tren Crucero?

Tren Crucero welcomes guests with special needs on-board. The journey is not recommended to guests with reduced or no mobility. Certain excursions in remote areas do not have facilities for wheelchairs or they may travel on uneven terrain. Depending on the wheelchair type, the train's internal dimensions may not be suitable for moving about. It is strongly recommended that guests with special needs travel accompanied.

Are there tour guides for non-English speaking guests?

The official language of Ecuador is Spanish. Announcements and guidance are always offered in Spanish and English. Italian, German and French guidance is available at an additional cost. Japanese, Russian, and Chinese can be provided upon request and availability.

Can I use my mobile phone on-board? Is Wi-Fi available?

Tren Crucero wants its guests to disconnect from the outside world while travelling through the stunning landscapes on offer. There is no radio, cable TV or Wi-Fi available on-board. At certain times of the journey, particularly in the Andes, mobile phones might have limited service due to poor signal. 

Internet will be available at hotels and haciendas. 

Does a dress code apply?

Smart casual attire is fine. The train will travel through a variety of climates and it is recommended that while travelling in the Andes guests dress in layers and include warm clothing for cold mornings and evenings. In the Pacific Coast region the weather is very warm so lightweight clothing is recommended. Comfortable walking shoes should be worn at all times.

Sunglasses, sunscreen (at least SPF 50+), and hats are a must in Ecuador. Remember, there are no seasons in the equator, so expect the weather to change dramatically and rapidly.

What is a hacienda?

A hacienda is a large house or plantation usually found in spectacular rural settings. Some have remained in local families ownership for centuries, but many others are now are elegant boutique hotels welcoming guests from all over the world. 

Does the train require minimum numbers to depart?

No, Tren Crucero is a guaranteed departures regardless of the number of guests for each departure date.

Are guests assigned a specific seat?

Each guest is assigned a seat; however, if all seats are not occupied guests may move freely around the train.