The Ultimate Grand Train Tour Of Switzerland : FAQs

Where can I validate the Swiss Transfer Ticket?

The Swiss Transfer Ticket is valid from any border town or Swiss airport, and validation of the card is possible at any train station in Switzerland prior to your first day of travel.

Will I be accompanied by a tour guide?

The Ultimate Grand Train Tour of Switzerland are not accompanied and there will not be a representative/guide available to guests at any time.

Can the tour be completed in the opposite direction?

Yes, this tour can be booked in the opposite direction.

Is second class travel available?

Second class is not available for this tour. Prices are based on first class, twin share occupancy. There are no discounts for triple share occupancy.

Can I choose which hotel I want?

It is possible to submit a preference at time of booking, but this cannot be guaranteed as all hotels are subject to availability. 

How far are the hotels from the train stations?

Our partner hotels are generally located within a 5 minute walking distance of the train station.

Can I add additional nights in each city?

Yes, additional nights can be added provided the cities are already included in the itinerary. All additional nights are subject to availability with the remainder of the package.

What is meant by included transfers?

The Ultimate Grand Train Tour of Switzerland includes 8 transfers. This is made up of:

  • 7 x transfers on the inclusive Swiss Scenic Trains including: The Jungfraujoch, The Golden Pass Line, The Glacier Express, The Bernina Express, and The Gotthard Panorama Express.
  • 1 x transfer from Lucerne to border town/airport.

What are seat reservations?

Seat reservations are compulsory for Switzerland's Scenic Trains. You are not required to do anything to secure these are they are included in the total package cost. Reservations on regional trains are not required. 

What are the airport stations and border towns?

The main border towns for Switzerland are:

  • Basel SBB, France
  • Basel Bad, Germany
  • Les Verrieres, France
  • Vallorbe, France
  • Geneva, France
  • Buchs, Austria
  • St. Margrethen, Austria

Other stations ie: Zurich HB may be allowed. Please contact our team for more information.

Airport stations refer to any airport station in Switzerland ie: Zurich International Airport train station.