The Presidential : Itineraries & Dates

Itineraries & Dates

2019 Departure dates:

September  20, 21, 27, 28
October 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26

Chefs vary dependent on departure. Please refer to below for further information:

September 20 and 21: Chef Leandro Carreira
September 27 and 28: Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa
October 4 and 5: Chef Alexandre Silva
October 11 and 12: Chef Nuno Mendes with Chef Bruno Rocha
October 18 and 19: Chef Óscar Gonçalves
October 25 and 26: Rising Stars: Chef André Lança Cordeiro & Chef Pedro Pena Bastos


9-hour Rail only itinerary:

11:00 am  Check in at the Sao Bento station and board the train
11:45 am Departure from the Sao Bento station
12:00 pm Gourmet lunch and wine harmonisation
3:30 pm Arrival at Quinta do Vesuvio and Port wine tasting
During the relaxing 2-hour stop, guests will have exclusive access to one of the oldest private quintas in the Douro, where they can taste the finest port wines (some of which are so rare they have never been sold), a cigar lounge in the balcony facing the maginificent river and during the harvests, the chance to participate in the classic wine treading ritual*
*subject to availability and conditions
5:40 pm Departure from the Vesuvio train station
6:00 pm  On-board entertainment, coffee and spirits
10:00 pm Arrival at the Sao Bento station*

* The arrival time is estimate and may vary. The organisation will not assume liability for train delays and strongly advises against scheduling departure trips from Porto prior to 23:30hrs.