The Presidential : FAQs

Do you offer rates for children?

The Presidential Train, as a historical piece, does not offer the standard safety and comfort conditions – such as
automatic door locks while traveling, as well as inward opening doors – of a contemporary train. For these reasons, as
a safety precaution, we will not be hosting passengers under 12 years old.

Can you smoke whilst on board?

Smoking on the train is not allowed.

What are the check-in requirements?

All guests must check in at the S. Bento station no later than 11.20am, and the train leaves promptly at 11.45am. In case of guest delay or no show, unfortunately there will be no other boarding options and no refunds.

The trip will end in São Bento Station at approximately 9.00pm. The organisation appreciates your patience for any unplanned delays, for which it cannot assume any responsibility, and strongly advises our guests to not assume any commitments before 11.00pm.