GoldenPass Line : Onboard

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General information


  • From Lucerne, the journey crosses the Brunig Pass, past age-old chalets.
  • From Interlaken, the service travels through Gstaad, a favourite playground for the rich and famous.
  • Passes vineyards and country estates to arrive into Montreux and Lake Geneva.


The Golden Pass offers the following facilities:

  • Lucerne to Interlaken - Panorama car in 1st class and a dining car.
  • Interlaken to Zweisimmen - Salon car and Golden Pass Lounge in 1st class. Mini bar service.
  • Zweisimmen to Montreux - Panorama car in 1st and 2nd class. Mini bar service.
  • Zweisimmen to Montreux - VIP 'Grande Vue' seats available on a "first come, first serve" basis. Rail Europe are unable to reserve these seats.


  • Seat reservations are only compulsory from Zweisimmen to Montreux. Please note Rail Europe are unable to reserve the 8 VIP seats.
  • Seat reservations can be made up to 90 days from date of travel

Extra information

The following passes cover the entire journey on the GoldenPass Line (seat reservation fees are an additional charge)

  • Swiss Travel Pass (Consecutive)
  • Swiss Travel Pass Flex
  • Eurail Global Consecutive Pass
  • Eurail Global Flexi Pass

Sector tickets are valid on the GoldenPass Line.