The Canadian : Useful Information

Useful Information


VIA Rail offers both Checked and Carry-On baggage. Click here to view VIA Rail's baggage policy


Light meals, snacks, hot and cold drinks and alcoholic beverages are always available for purchase in the Skyline car.

To enjoy an elegant ambience and gourmet meals served in the dining car, choose Sleeper Plus or Prestige class to have all meals included in the price of your ticket.

Rules regarding transporting, refrigerating and heating personal foods following recommendations from Transport Canada and Health Canada:

  • Passengers in all classes of service do not have access to self-serve microwave ovens in any car.
  • Passengers cannot bring their own food to refrigerate or heat up unless it is for medical reasons or severe allergies. The only exception is baby formula and baby foods. In these cases the employee will handle both refrigeration and heating. Foods must be kept in their own sealed containers to avoid possible cross contamination.
  • Take-out attendants are responsible for heating all foods purchased at the take-out, including hot water.
  • Passengers cannot use their own heating devices (portable microwave, kettle...). Electric or battery operated baby bottle heaters are the only exception.
  • Passengers can travel with a small cooler with personal items and dry foods they can keep sealed in their accommodation or seat storage.

Access to Business Lounge

The Sleeper Plus class offers exclusive and privileged access to the departure Business lounges at Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

Smoking policy

This route offers a smoke-free environment. Those who wish to smoke will be able to do so during regular station stops at Capreol, Hornepayne, Sioux Lookout, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Jasper and Kamloops.

Wi-Fi unavailable

Free Wi-Fi is not offered on The Canadian train. It is available, however, at these stations: Vancouver, Jasper, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto.


While VIA Rail endeavours to operate on time, the realities of increased freight traffic on tracks that VIA Rail do not own may give rise to significant delays. We suggest that you do not arrange connecting transportation on the day of your arrival.