The Canadian : Timetable

The Canadian Itinerary and Timetable

The below timetables are subject to change.

Days of departure


ex Vancouver: Peak - Mon, Tue & Fri, Off Peak - Mon & Fri
ex Jasper: Peak - Tue, Wed & Sat Off Peak - Tue & Sat
ex Edmonton: Peak - Tue & Sat Off Peak - Tue & Sat
ex Winnipeg: Peak - Wed, Sun Off Peak - Wed & Sun

Note: Departure days underlined - Ex Vancouver/Jasper - train ends in Edmonton. 


ex Toronto: Peak - Wed & Sun, Off Peak - Wed & Sun
ex Winnipeg: Peak - Thurs & Mon, Off Peak - Thurs & Mon
ex Edmonton: Peak - Wed, Fri & Sat, Off Peak - Wed & Sat
ex Jasper: Peak - Sat, Wed & Fri, Off Peak - Sat & Wed

Prestige Class is only available between Toronto and Vancouver v.v, and Toronto/Vancouver to Winnipeg v.v.

Note: Departure days underlined - Ex Vancouver/Jasper - train starts in Edmonton. 

Important Information: While VIA Rail endeavors to operate on time, the realities of increased freight traffic on tracks that VIA Rail do not own may give rise to significant delays. We suggest that you do not arrange connecting transportation on the day of your arrival.