Aurora Viewing Package 2019 - 2020 : FAQs

Is this a guided tour?

This package is not a guided. On the sightseeing tours there will be a driver-guide, with commentary available throughout the tours.

Do I need to bring winter clothing?

Absolutely, average temperatures at the this time of winter are between -2° and - 24° Celsius, but extremes may be as low as - 45° Celsius. It is asked that you bring adequate clothing to withstand these temperatures. You may buy winter clothing in Whitehorse.

An optional winter clothing package can be added to the cost of your tour. This will include a winter outerwear pants with inner fleece liner, winter outerwear jacket with inner fleece liner, winter boots, insulated mitts and insulated headgear. Please speak to one of our consultants to request this. optional extra.

I want to bring a camera?

For constellation photography bring 35 mm SLR manual camera, ASA 400 film or faster, tripod and cable release.